About me

As a Graphic-Designer I decided in 2006 to work as a free artist.I see myself as a modern alchemist to transform metaphysical philosophy in concrete art.
My art work is mostly site specific. I make landscape installations and photography with the geometrical “Platonic Solids” – and I call them “Platonic Landscapes”.
My preferred materials for the objects and sculptures is wood, metal, ceramic and AluDibond.
Website: www.dodeca-art.com

Selected Exhibitions

2013     „Ornament Landschaft“("Ornament Landscape"), Gallery Marek Kralewski, Freiburg/Germany

2012     „Pray for Japan“, YOU:Projekt, Tokyo and several cities in Japan

„Dragons - A big theme in small format“ – The German Dragon-Museum, Lindenfels

“Waterfront-Cube“- Installation at „bambutopia“ , Bamboo- sculpture park Germany

„Artistic Positions Topic „European Borders" Gallery Vineyard Dilger, Freiburg/Germany

2011     „Contemplatio“- Installation at „bambutopia“ , Bamboo-  sculpture park Germany www.bambutopia.com

„W(h)einnacht“- Vineyard Wolfenweiler with „bambutopia“-artists

     „Gedanken…“ Exibition at, Kulturdienst Gehrmann, Freiburg Germany

2010     Groupshow „Zeitfragen“ townhall Gundelfingen

„Plaza Culinaria meets bambutopia“, trade show Freiburg

„Raumwechsel“ Gallery  Kesselhaus - Kunstraum47, Lahr/ Germany

Group show at international art festival „48 Std Neukölln“ / Gallery Michaela Helfrich, Berlin /Germany www.michaelahelfrich-galerie.de

Design of an official  postagestamp against the demolition of the historic hydropower station in Rheinfelden (www.ig-pro-steg.com)

Solo Show „Platonic Landscapes“ ,  Gallery Kunstraum47, Lahr Germany
2009    Co-owner of Gallery Kunstraum47, Lahr Germany

2008  Works for private collections, Germay, USA

2006  Songwriting (electronical music)

Selected Publications
„Drachen ein großes Thema im kleinen Format“ -  Deutsches Drachenmuseum 2012
Künstlerische Positionen EU Aussengrenzen - EU Abschottung
„Platonische Landschaften I“
100bilder.100künstler.100werke, Boesner No. 11 August 2011 ISSN-1868-6745
„bamutopia 2011“
100bilder.100künstler.100werke, Boesner No. 8 Februar 2010 ISSN-1868-6745

BBK  - Berufsverband Bildender Künstler (Professional Association of Fine Artists Germany)
IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists)